Student Opinion on BITSAT 2016

BITSAT i.e. Birla Institute of technology Engineering Entrance Exam is an exam conducted by a renowned private organisation named BITS or BITS Pilani shorted for Birla Institute of Technology and Science. This is the right platform for engineering aspirants. This exam is conducted every year and is an online test computer based examination which has four major sections which are Physics, Chemistry, Maths and lastly English and Logical reasoning. Both physics and chemistry has 40 questions each, maths having the highest no of questions i.e. 45 and English and Logical Reasoning has 15 and 10 questions respectively. 180 minutes are allotted to complete these 150 questions and if time left you can attempt 12 additional questions i.e. 4 questions from each chemistry, maths and physics. With every correct answer you will be awarded 3 marks and with every incorrect 1 marks is deducted.

2016 BITSAT was neither hard nor easy. Candidates were pretty happy with the exam but physics was expected to be the toughest which was not at all the case. Rather mathematics was hard this year with some tricky and quiet lengthy questions and covered almost all the mathematic syllabus. As always Chemistry was quiet easy and had a major portion of Organic Chemistry which is quiet easy for students to attempt and saved a lot of time. On the other hand, Physics was moderate this year and also most of the questions were from Light, sound and energy. English was moderate too mainly focusing on synonyms and vocabulary and logical reasoning was tricky. But overall the question paper was of moderate level and not many students were able to attempt those extra 12 questions. Some even says that it was easier than JEE Mains conducted by CBSE.

Uday of KendriyaVidyalaya, Noida compared BITSAT 2016 exam reviews with JEE Mains and concluded that BITSAT was easier as well as wasn’t lengthy as JEE Mains was very lengthy. For him Mathematics was very tough as always and then the physics which is followed by chemistry. He also concluded that the physical chemistry portion mainly had questions from equilibrium and thermodynamics.

Karthik of Kendra Vidyalaya, Noida said he isn’t that much interested in this field but still gave the test and managed to get 280. For him maths was easiest, chemistry was the hardest and physics lies somewhere in-between them.

Aakash from DPS, R. K. Puram says maths was hardest for which you need to revise all the syllabus as it covered all of the major portions. He found physics being moderate and chemistry easiest which had more Organic questions which were very direct.

Aakriti from Doon Public School, Delhi found the BITSAT 2016 exam quiet hard with physics being the hardest and chemistry being the easiest. Chemistry had more of Organic question which was a blessing for her but physics was very tough for her.

Lakshya of DPS, Vasundhra saysthe difficulty level of this year examination was moderate. Mathematics being a subject to worry, needed a lot of time as it was lengthy and tricky. Physics and chemistry questions were of moderate level. Physics portion mainly compromised with wave and SHM question which he didn’t expect.

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