Relax To The Max With 2 Awesome Kickstarter Projects

Okay, let’s get one thing straight, there is more to life than working one’s fingers to the bone and when the time comes to kick back and chill out, we’re all on the same side. So why does it seem that working is winning the battle with regard to a work life balance equation nowadays? And you can forget about overtime because that is just a distant dream! So if you need a little refresher on what relaxation is all about, take a seat because you have come to the right place for once! We have stolen a brace of Kickstarter relaxation centric projects and hope that each one can offer you a little of what you are missing right now. If you do like the look of these bad boys, please click on the link and see what you make of the whole setup. Some of them still need some support whilst others are already available.

LapTape: The world’s tiniest hands-free tablet holder by Daniel Demmel


We all love a decent tablet and they can really offer so much fun and entertainment for not a lot of outlay. But how about the times when you really need your hands for just doing normal hand things? The tablet is many things but it does ask for us to hold it most of the time. Well, enter stage left the world’s smallest hands-free tablet holder – AKA LapTape. Looking pretty much like a pair of red boot laces, these are actually a very clever design indeed. You can just relax on the floor or sofa and allow the LapTape to support your tablet with ease. It will do the job so well that you can even type away without the need to grab the tablet case. It will even do the job with a mini laptop and you will wonder how on earth you managed without the LapTape once it comes into your life!

Uopia LED Nightlight: Better Light, Better Sleep by Uopia

Uopia LED Nightlight

Setting the tone for a relaxing sleep is something that is beyond millions of people, and as a result, they often wake up in a foul mood. Some prefer the light on whilst others insist on total darkness. The thinking behind Uopia Nightlight is all about creating a warm light that contains minimal levels of blue wavelengths. These ensure that our circadian rhythms are not messed with and a good night’s sleep is in order. If you are up all night worrying about the latest spa sale melbourneway, and you really want to get a proper kip, bring the Uopia LED Nightlight into your bedroom and you will soon be in the land of nod! Modern lighting simply does not do it on a relaxation basis and in order to hit those critical REM patterns we love so much, you really need some Uopia Nightlight back in the bedroom. So if your sleep could use a boost and you have had enough of those sleepy drives to work, crack on over to the Kickstarter site and make your pledge right now!

And …zzzzzzz

We could use a sleep after reading about that last beauty, and if you feel the same way, just close your eyes and drift away!

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