My Favourite Ways to Experience Technology

Many of us associate technology with sitting in an office somewhere and slaving away over a computer. We tend to think of this as a way to work, and maybe as a way to play games. Generally though, it’s something that we use when have to, or when we want to burn some steam/work something out. It strains out eyes, it’s noisy and full of flashing lights and it’s certainly not restful…

Or at least that’s the largely held view. Actually I believe that technology can be quite different from this, and that these days in particular it can actually provide a great way to unwind and relax. Read on and I’ll share with you some of the more relaxing and enjoyable ways I like to experience my technology…

On Holiday

As someone who works entirely online, I’m fortunate to be able to travel as I work from time to time and turn the world into my office. As I also happen to love writing and programming, this means that for me it is rarely a case of ‘having to work and interrupt my holiday’, so much as ‘looking forward to a chance to work on projects in a new city’.

On Holiday

Some of my favourite memories of all are of times when I was relaxing in a vibrant locale while working away on my laptop. One is from staying in a fancy hotel and working in the lobby which was completely empty. There was barely anyone in the hotel so I was in my slippers, but the all-inclusive bar was open all night so I had an endless supply of tea and cappuccino and a view of the sea gently crashing in the distance. Pretty idyllic.

Similarly I enjoyed visiting Croatia with another entrepreneur and friend earlier this year. My favourite moment from that holiday was when we worked in a crowded bar. I discovered the atmospheric music of ‘Schiller’ while we both typed away, drank beers and watched people partying out on the beach. If you’re anything like me, then you’ll see how this can be an ideal situation.


That’s how I love to work, though often I will have to make do with coffee shops around London during the day. Still not bad mind!


My other favourite way to experience technology though is with friends and family. I am someone who loves ‘quiet company’. I like being with people, but I love it when we all feel comfortable enough just to enjoy our own little bubbles of technology. In particular I like to sit in a comfortable chair with a dim light on and read a book on Kindle while my partner plays on Candy Crush or watches Netflix with her headphones on.

And some of my happiest memories as a child were of playing games on my Gameboy in the back of the car or bus rentals on long journeys. It would be dark around me and I could hear my parents talking quietly in the front, but I was meanwhile lost in the world of my game, or listening to music and watching the world go by.

Technology gets a bad rap, but in the right circumstances it can add to a moment and provide you with an oasis of calm in a beautiful setting.

 Author Bio: Nancy Baker is a freelance blogger and an ace creative write with many years of experience writing for top blogs. Nancy has written on a myriad of topics and has written several posts for us.

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