Major Variants of Poker

Seven-Card Stud Poker is another kind of Poker. As you can see from the name, seven cards are distributed by the dealer. New cards are used to replace the useless cards in the hand. Leaving out two cards at liberty, the players strive in the quest to make the best five-card hand in the end. Meanwhile, the bets are placed and the lot keeps on rising.

 Major Variants of Poker

Other variants of Poker are Five-Card Draw Poker, Razz, Caribbean Stud Poker and Pai Gao Poker. In Five-Card Draw Poker, the players are handed five cards. All cards are faced-down. Bets are placed and the strongest hand of five-cards takes the winnings.

Razz Poker is the reverse of all other variants of Poker. The player with the weakest seven-card hand wins the lot. The Caribbean Stud Poker is known for its progressive jackpot. Not only the ultimate winner but also the players with various other ranks of Poker cards win a certain percentage of the loot or other prizes.

Pai Gaw Poker is one of those variants of Poker in which the joker card can be used. It is a bit more strategic as the players get seven-card hand and this is used to create two separate hands of five and two cards. The rule is that five-card set should be stronger than the two-card set. The joker card is however used only to replace the aces.

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