Magnum MS2712E, 2700W 50Hz Inverter / Charger Pure Sine, twelve volt

For individuals individuals who reside in Europe or Africa and have equipment which require 50 Hertz 230 volt energy sources this device may be what your searching for inside a backup energy supply. Its known as the Magnum MS2712E 50hz inverter/charger which produces 50 hertz of Pure Sign Wave at 230 volts around the inverter side and 125 continuous ADC around the charger side, and this system is about just like it will get. So brilliantly, this product is made to provide you with all of the energy you have to keep the products running whether it is set up in your boat, vehicle, RV or perhaps a generator at the little cabin within the forest this Magnasine Pure Sine, charger/ Inverter will provide all of the energy you’ll need at 2700 w. Using Pure Sine Wave technology the kodak playtouch camcorder creates ultra-clean 50 hertz at 230 volts.

Capabilities abound with this particular unit together with a 30 amplifier ac relay transfer capacity, internal cooling utilizing a variable speed drive with 92 mm brush less electricity fans, over current protection using duel over lapping circuits, and also over temperature protection around the transformer, MOSFETS and battery. The kodak playtouch camcorder is extremely small in stature at 13.75 x 12.65 x 8. inches and may squeeze into a multitude of locations most models using its energy cannot. At 53 pounds the Magnasine, Magnum, Pure Sine unit can fit most anywhere and could be mounted to walls, flooring, shelves either in bottom mount or top mount positions.

Specifications are the following input battery current is between 9 and 17 VDC normal ac output current is 230 VAC output frequency is 50 hertz continuous energy output is 2700 Veterans administration ranked input battery current of 360 ADC.

The Magnasine, Magnum, MS2712E, 2700 watt, Pure Sine unit is simply what you ought to energy all individuals products your family have made the decision you don’t want to become without. Such things as mobile phones, Televisions, computer systems, ink jet printers, medical products, fans, lights and nearly anything else you are able to think about could be blocked into this compact but effective unit. Keep in mind that the USA products won’t focus on 230 volts at 50 hertz.

So folks, regardless if you are off on the great adventure to Africa or taking a motorhome tour of Europe make certain you have one of these simple inverters set up in your boat, camper, RV, or vehicle of preference. Because when you choose to adventure out and revel in all of the conveniences of home, you with thankful using the security and safety this wonderful compact inverter/ charger will give you for you personally.

Created to last the Magnasine unit is made from a powder covered chassis and stainless steal nails for corrosion potential to deal with make certain it endures all of the ravages that you simply and character can throw in internet marketing. Check using the Manufacturer for correct installation spec’s and warranty information.

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