Magnum Energy MS4024PAE

The Magnum Energy MS4024PAE is really a pure sine wave inverter designed particularly for mobile programs and also the most demanding alternative energy programs. The MS-PAE series includes a unique design including two 120V Audio-video results. These two results are 180 levels from phase with one another, making the L1, and L2 lines total 240V. The current between either L1 or L2 continues to be 120 volts, so there’s you don’t need to buy two inputs and stack them together to obtain the combined current. If the system require more energy than the usual single MS-PAE can offer, then as much as for from the inverters could be connected to create a parallel configuration. Once the inverters are connected in by doing this, the inverter energy and also the surge capacity are elevated to energy one large load, or several more compact single loads. The MS-PAE series will come in two different currents, 24 and 48. This number of inverters are simply as effective because they are simple to use. They’re also ETL listed towards the standards of UL 1741 and CSA C22.2 No. 107.01-01 for Alternative Energy Installations.

You will find many conveniences that include using the Magnum Energy MS4024PAE. For just one, stacking is not required with this particular inverter. It may provide 120/240 volt input in a single unit, so there’s you don’t need to stack two models together to obtain 240 volts. A energy factor remedied is made into all the models, also it uses less energy than standard battery chargers. It melts away to 30 % less AC current than standard battery chargers. The inverters will also be dependable, given that they meet government controlled standards for safety. Cellular phone process for that inverter can also be quite simple, including only four steps. All that’s necessary would be to connect the inverter’s output towards the distribution circuits or electric panel, then connect the utility cable towards the terminal block from the inverter, connect the batteries, and just switch on the energy. No complicated setup creates simplicity of use with this inverter.

You will find many features for this inverter. It’s a pure sine wave inverter you can use to energy a number of home appliances for example televisions, stereo systems, plasma screens, computer systems, gaming systems, and a number of other electric home appliances. It’ll provide clean, continuous energy having a low total harmonic distortion of under 5 %. You will find types of different currents, giving the customer the option of which model will suit their demands. The inverter could be installed on shelves or perhaps a wall, which makes it suitable for different set ups and conditions. You will find also multiple ports including RS485 communication port along with a remote port.

The switches are situated in convenient locations around the inverter, which makes them easily accessible. Talking about quick access, the additional large AC access cover with terminal screw block and 360 Electricity connection devices boost the ease of access from the inverter. The inverter also has a 2 year warranty, so customers can purchase effortlessly

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