How to get a good broadband deal

If you are thinking of changing your broadband provider or want to have broadband installed for the first time in your home, how can you make sure you get the best deal possible? Our simple guide will show you where to start.

What to consider

Speed: The current average broadband speed is about 12Mb these days but superfast broadband is becoming more popular and its availability is rolled out across the country. Super-fast connections are those which offer speeds of 38Mb and above, sometimes even up to 120Mb, through sophisticated fibre optic systems. The benefits of superfast broadband include faster streaming for music, TV and videos and high-speed internet connections.

Downloads: If all you use the internet for is emailing and social networking, you probably do not need a high download package. However, if you like to download music, films or watch catch-up TV, you should consider a package which allows you unlimited downloads to avoid financial penalties.

broadband deal

The contract: Technology moves on so quickly these days that if you take out a long contract, you may be stuck with a system that becomes obsolete soon after its installation. Contracts can vary remarkably, from one monthly rolling deals to 24 month tie-ins, so make sure you select which one you’re comfortable with before you commit.

Pricing: The cost of any service will always be an determining factor in your choice of provider and while it is still true that you get what you pay for, you should shop around to get the best package at the price that is right for you. Cheaper packages will inevitably give you slow connections and a limit to your monthly downloads.

Bundling: Companies may try to tempt you by offering very cheap broadband on the condition that you also take their TV and phone packages. However, these offers will be conditional, so check them out carefully.

If you have any queries about the services offered to you by providers, whether established or new, you can look at Ofcom’s website for advice and information. Ofcom is the independent regulator for companies which offer communication services in the UK.

Broadband deals

Bundling is a relatively new buzzword in the industry. It simply means that you will pay less if you buy more. Providers want you to buy a package which includes internet as well as TV and phone services from them and it can work out very good value for money. A simple internet search will show you comparisons for a variety of companies and you can compare which one offers you what you need at the best price. Sky is a major player in the sector and can illustrate what the industry has to offer. Click here to see Sky broadband deals as well as other services offered on their website.

With so many providers offering so much choice, it is easy to get sidetracked and lose sight of what you really want from a broadband deal. For most people that is simply value for money.

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