E-Cigs: The Geeky Way to Quit Smoking Tobacco!

Addiction is always bad, be it anything ranging from fatty food, gaming, smoking or gambling. The only difference is the pace at which, it harms the human body. Tobacco, drugs, and alcohol addiction is considered to be the most dangerous ones, and these addictions are seen across the world.

The numbers of cancer patients are increasing exponentially due to tobacco usage with each passing day. Governments of all countries are making possible attempts to reduce tobacco usage, and smoking cigarettes is the most commonly seen addiction. For this, awareness campaigns, price increase, and dreadful pictures of cancer are put up on the cig packets, but all the efforts have mostly gone in vain.

E Cigs

The Breakthrough Technological Invention – E-Cigs

Calling it quits for any addiction requires lot of mental and physical strength. And, it’s always easier said than done… Various alternatives have been developed for smokers to help them in leaving their habit to smoke. One of the technological inventions in this regard has been e-cig or the electronic cigarette.

Technological Invention – E-Cigs

Pocket-Friendly Design

E-cigarettes have been in market for quite a few years now. Initially, they used to come in big sizes, but now due to advancement in technology, e-cigarettes are designed in a more user friendly manner. Thanks to successful awareness campaigns that smokers are aware of the dangers associated to smoking, and so they are willing to take measures to get rid of smoking habit. This has motivated companies to come up with products for smoking cessation that can help smokers in reducing their smoking habit and eventually quit.

Pocket-Friendly Design

How Do the E-Cigs Help?

Now, what is actually Electronic Cigarettes and how do they help smokers? Well, e-cigs are designed in a way that it looks like the real cigarettes. Smokers can have the same feel of smoking while using e-cigs, as they even emit artificial smoke. Of course, there is no tobacco content, but it feels like actual smoking. There is no harmful content like carcinogens in e-cigs that will cause damage to smoker’s health or anyone in the surrounding.

actually Electronic Cigarettes

4th Gen E-Cigarettes

The recent innovation is the fourth generation e-cigs. It is undoubtedly much advanced and user friendly than its previous versions. The new e-cigs are expected to capture wider market. The size of these electronic cigarettes is similar to conventional cigarettes with 100mm length.

The taste of e-cigarette is just like that of tobacco, but there isn’t any harmful substance inside it. Some people debate that e-cigs are not successful in satisfying the craving of smokers, however; it’s not true, and they tend to serve the purpose in most cases. It can be of great help in neutralizing the craving.

4th Gen E-Cigarettes

Refilling the E-Cigs

There is an atomizer, renewable nicotine chamber, and a battery that helps the smoker in smoking e-cigs. In fact, the end of the cigarette glows when smokers draw, likewise normal cigarettes. The nicotine chamber allows users to determine nicotine’s amount, which they keep on reducing over time and one fine day quit smoking completely. E-cigs can also be refilled using cartridges.

Refilling the E-Cigs

In a Nutshell

The process of withdrawal from addiction is very tough. People often lose their patience midway. However, with the help of electronic cigarettes, the process can be much acceptable. It helps in gradual reduction without causing any mental stress of fighting against the temptation.

Most importantly, it is healthier and cheaper considering the long term investment. Switch to e-cigarettes for improving your health, and quality of life today!

In a Nutshell

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