Different Ways to Use Psychic Powers to Win Poker

Let’s face it. Psychic powers are really difficult to master. They may or may not even be true. You have to focus and practice hard in order to read other people’s minds. Once you do though, it has a lot of potential applications. One of them is for playing poker. Imagine if you can read what is on other people’s minds. You can take advantage of these powers.

Read their cards

This is the most obvious usage of psychic powers. You can read your opponents’ cards. You will know what they hold in their hands. As soon as they read the cards, this is imprinted in their minds. Once you use psychic powers and penetrate their brains, you will know what the cards they hold are. Then, you can make a decision on whether you flip or fold.

Mess up their mind

Another use of psychic power is to mess up their minds. This is effective. Instead of going all in, they might end up folding. You tell them to decide the other way. This is of course a more difficult skill. You don’t just get into their head, but you also tell them what to do. Once their mind is severely messed up, you can make bad decisions, and theirs will be worse.

Make them feel paranoid

This is the easiest of all. You don’t need psychic powers to do it. You just need to pretend that you have. You can act weird. You can make funny faces or act like something creepy is going on. This makes them totally bothered. Once they are, they won’t be able to concentrate on the game anymore. They might start thinking that you are messing up their minds through your psychic abilities. They don’t know that you don’t possess such ability. However, it effectively stops them from focusing.

Online poker is totally different

These tactics might work for land-based casinos or face to face poker. You can see your opponents and it is easy to mess around with them. However, it won’t be applicable for Online Poker. To begin with, you don’t see your opponents. You only make judgments based on what they write and how they interact online. Other than that, you have no idea how to penetrate their brains no matter how strong your psychic powers are.

In short, you may learn the most difficult skills, but you could still end up losing especially in online games. There is no harm in trying though. If you think it could help you improve your performance, then give it a try. Just don’t let it get to a point where it messes up your game.

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