Acronyms, a guide to working with them

Not so long ago acronyms were few and far between. They were seemingly reserved for things like political parties and cool bands. Think of things like Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress, more commonly known as the ANC, or of bands like Jeff Lynne’s Electric Light Orchestra or ELO. There was also OMD, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, the list is long. Despite this in everyday speak the acronym was not overly common. But that has changed and changed rapidly and in current times as jargon and technical language becomes increasingly ubiquitous the acronym is almost everywhere. Here’s our guide to help you make it through digital technology meetings where the pace of advancement and the invention of new acronyms is almost a daily occurrence.

 The VP doesn’t necessarily back-up the President

Yes, there are lots of tech companies who have a VP in one department or another, but those letters now stand more commonly for the phrase virtual private. As such you get a VPN which is a virtual private network or you could add an ‘S’ to the end for Virtual Private Serving. If somebody told you they were looking for VPS hosting Brisbane that would mean they wanted to find a company that could host their website for them remotely from a secure location.

Make Google work for you

Everybody wants their website to appear on the front page of the big search engine sites like Google and Bing. But it is not always that easy to get there. Unless you are selling something unique or producing content that can be found nowhere else, you are going to find that competition for a front page search engine spot is heavy – which is where SEO or search engine optimization comes in. It is something of a dark art, but here are tricks to ensure that your site has the right content, the right structure and the right referrals to it and from it attractive to the search algorithms.

How about that traffic

Advertisement trafficking is a complex thing and there are lots of ways and means to do it. The bigger websites all tend to talk about DFP as the means for making sure that their ad slots are filled with direct or programmatic inventory. But what is DFP? It stands for Double-click for Publishers and it is a Google product that is rapidly becoming the industry standard for ad-serving, in the same way that Microsoft Office owns the landscape in terms of business software.


This is the future and it is rapidly taking over from mobile as the next mega-trend in the digital and tech space. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence which is also often referred to as machine learning. In short it uses databases and advanced analytical software to monitor trends, to see information and to extrapolate from that to work out all sorts of scenarios and behaviour patterns. A good technology example of this is the databases behind things like FaceBook and Google, which are smart enough to see where you access the internet from first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Repeats of this behaviour quickly mean that they can work out where you live.

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