6 Mobile Phone Apps You Must Have on Your iPhone/iPad

There is immense computing power in the iPhones and iPads of today. The app store has millions of apps for free or for a nominal cost. There is an app for almost everything these days… These phones come bundled with native iPhone apps and a user can also download apps that he/she may like. Downloading an app is very easy. You could simply go to the app store; key in your details and you can download and run the app of your choice.

Listed below are some apps that you would surely enjoy in your iPhone.

  • Google Goggles: This is app, which is a must-have for travelers. It allows you to take pictures of anything and then performs an image search of the subject. It lists down related images. The interesting feature is that it has image processing capabilities and can identify a foreign language and convert it into the language of your choice.

Google Goggles

  • Dropbox: Having access to your Dropbox on the go is essential. Installing this app offered by Dropbox allows you to access your data on the cloud with a single click of your button. The best part is that the app is free.


  • RunKeeper: It is said that RunKeeper provides better prospect of Nike+ and that too for free. Earlier, this app was offered in two versions split into “pro” and “free”. But now by using iPhone’s GPS, all features of the app can be used free in only one app and users can keep track of their cycling routes, jogging and their calories burnt. They can keep record of their daily work-out and their details using this wonderful app. In the new iPhone 6 launch, even more facilities can be expected. Details of other exercises can also be entered manually and all such activities can be shared with friends online also.


  • Facebook App: Facebook has a nice interface for mobile phones. But, having an app is helpful. It can send feeds on your mobile and you can access your wall with a single click. Your notifications and friend requests can directly come on your home screen as a notification when you use this app.


  • Skype: It is always good to be able to do video chat with people for free. With this app installed in your phone and an active data plan, you can make video calls for free with Skype.


  • Wikipanion: The website Wikipedia is managing well and works fine with iPhones. How about a more dedicated app. That is obviously a better bet. Wikipanion is a freebie, which gives quick access to the sections of articles, viewing options, in–article search, bookmarking, etc. Wikipanion also enables users to Tweet about the odd facts that they have unearthed.

In this technology-driven world, innovations are made every day and every new device is having more updated software and apps. The much-awaited iPhone6 is also expected to have some of these apps with obviously new features and will be more user-friendly. Customers can expect better apps and advanced features in this new launch of Apple.


Author Bio:- Jenifer McCarthy is a tech freak, who loves to share her personal experiences and knowledge with the rest of the world through her guest post like the one you’ve just read!

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