5 Electrifying Apps All Electricians Should Download To Their iPhone

Working as an electrician might be fun, but sometimes there are some things you’ll need a little help with. I don’t know any electrician who doesn’t own a smartphone because they never seem to keep them in their pocket, but instead of messing around on Facebook here are a few apps you might find useful for work.

Electrician Talk Forum

If you spend some time looking hard enough you’ll find a forum dedicated to almost anything in the world, but why bother looking if you’re an electrician because this app will be all you need. Even if you’re at work you will be able to find help straight away when you run into any problems because someone on the forum will be there to offer you guidance. You can even post photos directly onto the forum so it’s easier for members to help you work stuff out.

Electrician Talk Forum

Energy Cost Calculator

Depending on the kind of business you’re running you might need to use a lot of complex machinery and equipment. The complexity of what you’re using is it’s own problem, but what about the fact it will cost you money to run them? The Energy Cost Calculator will help you work everything out and it will tell you how much you’ll be spending on them every month. This will help you determine how much to charge people because at the end of the day you want to walk away with the maximum amount of money possible.

Voltage Drop Calculator

Determining which wire to use when you’re dealing with voltage drops is no easy task unless you’re prepared to carry an electrical handbook around with you. Why take up valuable room in your tool kit when you can get all the answers you need on your phone? When you use the Voltage Drop Calculator app you’ll be able to work out the right wire size to use plus it will tell you the conductors you need to run based on the specific voltage drops and everything can be done within a few minutes.

Voltage Drop Calculator

Ohm’s Law

The Ohm’s Law app is definitely not going to win any awards for most powerful app of the year. It’s actually one of the most basic apps you’ll find, but electricians will still need to work out the equations and it’s simply impossible to do it in your head. You just need to enter two values based on the information you already have and it will come back with a value for voltage, power, current, or resistance. It’s free which means you should obviously download it to your phone in case you need it.

Electrical Formulator

Every electrician knows what it feels like to stand around scratching their head for an hour trying to figure out how they’re going to solve an electrical design problem. Wouldn’t it be great if you could open your Electrical Formulator app and let it do everything for you? Inside you’ll find hundreds of different calculation and conversion formulas to make your job much simpler and you’ll be able to save the ones you use most often so you can find them within seconds of opening up the app.

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