3 Useful Tips For Displaying Auction Items

When hosting a silent auction, it is important to have a unique way of presenting items to your guests. Presentation of items in an auction plays an important role in convincing people to buy the items. Start early and think outside the box when planning your auction. Apply these 3 useful tips for displaying auction items to ensure active bidding from donors.

 1. Create a Shopping Experience
First, you have to consider your silent auction as an opportunity for your audience to shop for items. Therefore, you must present your items in a manner that draws the attention of the audience to the items to encourage active bidding. Remember, even small enhancements can make a significant change. For example, instead of placing lift tickets to a ski resort on top of a table, place them in a duffel bag together with sunglasses, some chapstick, and hand warmers. Alternatively, spruce up the presentation with a snow globe. In case you decide to use gift certificates, consider using pictures to attract donors. It is easier for people to disregard a certificate on its own, but if it is placed with an enticing picture showing people relaxing and having fun, the donors might be lured to place offers. For mechanical and technical items such as a ball bearing retainer, be sure to provide information on their uses and features.

2. Display All Information Upfront
Apart from looking attractive to donors, auction items must also have detailed information about them. Guests should have a clear impression of whatever they are bidding on. Therefore, ensure that all important details are exhibited clearly and are easy to read. Make sure that every item includes details of the minimum bid, item title, and any restrictions or expiry dates. The information on the item should be about 14-16 pt. font. The item title must be bold, big, and visible (24-30 pt. font) and should also include a few, easy to read details providing a brief description of the item. Include a list of additional details and make use of bullet points where necessary.

3. Provide Adequate Space
Ensure that the tables are not messy because having too many items on the display stand creates clutter, which may make guests to feel overwhelmed. For your tables to appear attractive, be sure to leave a 6-12 inch space between items. In addition, place few items on each table so that each package or basket can receive equal attention from donors.

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